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Visual Designer

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Graphic Design

Expertly crafted visual experiences with an emphasis on brand identity and creative integrity. Marketing design that is strategically minded and beautiful builds loyalty and conversions.

Email Design

From concept to campaign, email design with engaging visual narratives complimented by concise copy. Compelling designs that resonate with your audience.


From posters to postcards, print design with heart and soul. Commanding packaging design that is brand centric and forward thinking.

I am
Lizette Payneward

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, I've worked professionally as a visual designer for several years since graduating from the Art Institute of California - San Diego.

I'm a firm believer that inspiration is everywhere, and that good design transcends its medium. My favorite projects are those which allow me to creatively stretch while delivering an experience that evokes emotion in the viewer. My expertise in graphic design, illustration and animation combined with hands on experience in marketing channels has honed my ability to create targeted visual narratives that speak to their intended audiences.

My Skills

Staying current in the tools of the craft is an essential part of my routine, there is always room to grow as an artist.

Creativity with an outdated skillset is stifling. Which is why I take every opportunity to learn not only the latest versions of the software I use daily, but to learn from those around me. I also strive to share what I've learned with others, a supportive collaborative environment fosters unlimited potential.











Baseball Campaign

Baseball Savings Event

Graphic Design

Many of our campaigns coincide with current events. The Baseball Site Sale promotion was created in the spirit of the 2015 playoffs just ahead of the World Series.

In subtle celebration of the teams, the creative incorperates blue as a nod to the competing teams. Many elements of the composition including perspective, texture and background imagery come together to draw the viewer into the game. This promotion was well received by sports fans and truck enthusiasts alike.

Beal Racing Campaign

Beal Racing Campaign

Graphic Design

This year AutoAnything has had the privilege of being a sponsor for Beal Racing, this has been an exciting opportunity to interact with the automotive community.

I was tasked with the composition of the main creative on the racing page of our site along with the design of the email banners which would be released leading up to the race itself. This was a thrilling project to work on, I really wanted to convey the pride we felt in being part of the team.

Month End Blowout Campaign

Month End Blowout

Graphic Design

Many of our campaigns are recurring, the Month End Blowout is the most prominent of those because it rounds out the month. Serial promotions are opportunities to not only create visual stories that are both compelling and highly targeted, they are exciting creative challenges.

In this case the intended audience were truck enthusiasts. Another element that made this particular campaign significant was that it would not only anchor the sale on our site, but it would also be the face of the email campaign.

The concept is the critical moment of an action scene, blink and you'll miss it. The scene conveys a sense of urgency, strength, power and heat.

Make a Difference Company Poster

Make a Difference Poster

Print & Packaging

The Wall of Recognition poster is an inhouse creative project to inspire and acknowledge the achievments of our customer service staff. The area is heavily trafficed by all staff, and includes a variety of accolades to honor staff members whom have gone above and beyond. Surprisingly it is more challenging to design something for your peers than a well vetted target audience. You're not selling a product, you're motivating.

For this project my approach was to offer a glimpse into the difference we can make in our customers' lives. To show that the expertise of our customer service agents along with the quality of our products can help people to go farther, play harder and refine their vehicle's aesthetic with confidence.

Tru XP Product Packaging Design

TruXP Package Design

Print & Packaging

TruXP is a newly launched private label brand by AutoAnything, premium high performance aftermarket automotive products. Air Filters and Filter Cleaning Kits were the first in the line slated for release.

I began the design process with hands on research, there are many variables beyond the packaging creative itself to consider. Environmental lighting, competitor brand identity and the perspective of the box when it's being handled just to name a few.

It was critical that the package design evoke the same caliber of quality and class as the product contained within. Stepping away from the colorful noise of what everyone else was doing, the design path became simple sophistication. The end result is elegant packaging that catches the eye from any angle.

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